Since 1969 the Champernowne Trust  has been promoting emotional health 

through Jungian Psychotherapy and the Creative Arts

providing affordable therapy  to those in need

 and courses for practitioners that inform, nourish and inspire.

The work of the Trust was inspired

by the psychology of Dr C G Jung

 as interpreted in practice by Irene Champernowne, 

celebrating the "healing power of creativeness."

In February of 2024 the Board of Trustees announced that, 

after reviewing all options for its future, it had been decided that

the Champernowne Trust should be formally wound up in the Spring of 2025.


To celebrate the Trust's many years of achievement,

and the personal and professional links it has engendered.

a gathering has been arranged for this autumn in London.


Date:      28 September 2024

Location: Friends House, Euston Rd., London NW1 2BJ

We plan to follow the familiar form of Champernowne events established from the outset by Irene Champernowne herself: 

a warm welcome, a steadily held space for meeting in inner and outer worlds, a speaker to introduce a theme with archetypal resonance followed by refection and discussion, opportunities for  creative exploration, for singing, and for moving together, and plenty of time for social mingling.

Details will be sent to Newsletter subscribers as they are confirmed.  

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The Power of Creativeness:

Irene Champernowne

"Everyone was to have the opportunity of experiencing personally, the integrating power of creativeness."

Irene Champernowne (1901-1976) was a leading psychotherapist in the UK, who promoted the integrating power of creativeness to improve mental health and whose vision was to make psychotherapy available to all. 

Influenced by Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic theories, Champernowne pioneered art therapy as a source of treatment which is still used in today’s therapeutic practices.  

The exhibition showcases some of Champernowne’s archive, donated by The Champernowne Trust, a charity who continue holding events and workshops, influenced by the powerful creative legacy which Champernowne has left.

Watch this video from Professor Brendan Stone  to learn more