Since 1969 the Champernowne Trust  has been promoting emotional health

through Jungian Psychotherapy and the Creative Arts

providing affordable therapy  to those in need

 and courses that inform, nourish and inspire for practitioners


The work of the Trust was inspired

by the psychology of Dr C G Jung

 as interpreted in practice by Irene Champernowne, 

celebrating the "healing power of creativeness."


February 2024

After reviewing all options for its future, the Board of Trustees has decided that the Champernowne Trust should be formally wound up in the Spring of 2025.

We have come to this decision with regret and with humility.

It  has been part of Irene’s legacy, at Withymead, and in the Trust, that while she saw keenly what the human heart and spirit needed to thrive, she did not solve the problem of how to gather the resources to sustain that noble project

We, her successors, through generous donations and legacies, have been able partially to solve the problem for a good length of timeThe economic climate has changed, costs have risen, resources have dwindled for the Trust and for our friends and colleagues.  In the end the task has proved unsustainable.

We can look back on more than fifty years of the life of the Trust with pride:  

  • Through the assisted therapy programme, many have had access to the healing power of creativeness” who would not otherwise have been able to afford it.
  • The Champernowne Summer and weekend Courses have nurtured, heartened, and inspired many more in their work of healing and helping. 
  • We have promoted the role of the Arts in psychotherapy and, in Irene Champernowne’s own words, provided ‘a time and space where people ... could “recharge their batteries,” and “take in” for themselves, instead of the “giving out” they were involved in for the rest of the year.’
  • By the establishment last year of the Irene Champernowne Archive in the Special Collections at the University of Sheffield, we have ensured that Irene’s legacy has been preserved for future study,  enabling further research and related activities.

We are taking all necessary steps to fulfil existing commitments, and responsibly manage the resources entrusted to us:

  • Suitable homes have been found for the books in the extensive Champernowne / Luscombe library.
  • Assisted Therapy contracts will continue throughout 2024.
  • Alas, there are no plans for future courses.

In the coming months, we will keep you informed about any plans or initiatives. 

We are planning a social gathering later in 2024 in London and will send out details as they become clear.

We hope that the treasured memories created, valuable lessons learned, the relationships we built, and the impact we have had will endure, shaping the future perspective of those who have been a part of this journey.

We are especially grateful to the many supporters, contributors, and participants who over the years have brought the vision to life through their involvement.  It has been a privilege to share this endeavour with you.

If you have thoughts to share about this decision and its consequences, or if you have any questions  email

Champernowne Trustees:

Sue Bulmer, Tamsin Edwards, Michael Gavin, Paula Robertson, Pam Stirling

The Power of Creativeness:

Irene Champernowne

"Everyone was to have the opportunity of experiencing personally, the integrating power of creativeness."

Irene Champernowne (1901-1976) was a leading psychotherapist in the UK, who promoted the integrating power of creativeness to improve mental health and whose vision was to make psychotherapy available to all. 

Influenced by Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic theories, Champernowne pioneered art therapy as a source of treatment which is still used in today’s therapeutic practices.  

The exhibition showcases some of Champernowne’s archive, donated by The Champernowne Trust, a charity who continue holding events and workshops, influenced by the powerful creative legacy which Champernowne has left.

Watch this video from Professor Brendan Stone  to learn more

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