Our Course



now an Online Weekend Event

Friday  19 November - Sunday 21 November  

"Alone and Together'   Exploring Psychological, Spiritual and Ethical Issues

DATE:  Friday 19 November (6pm)  - November 21 November (4pm)

VENUE:   Online  

Speaker and workshop information is provisional

SPEAKER: Jacqui Dyer


Music: Joy Gravestock, Fairytales: Antonia Böll,

Dance: Rachel Porter,  Drama:Theo Kostidakis

Writing: Stephen Friedrich,   Voice: Hilary Fisher

ART STUDIO: Open 24 hours –

 Catriona MacInnes and Bridget Grant facilitate 

COST:  £125

Including lecture, access to the art studio, social interaction  

+ optional participation in a creative workshop                      


Exploring Psychological, Spiritual and Ethical Issues

Only a society that can preserve its internal cohesion and collective values, while at the same time granting the individual the greatest possible freedom has any prospect of enduring vitality


Alone and Together

An Arts and Soul Event for Connection, Reflection, Imagination and the Arts

This course has a well-established reputation for enriching the lives of its participants. It offers a multi-layered experience where you can be part of a community whilst also offering the space to reflect. Providing a rich and varied programme, the course aims to delivers a unique immersive experience.

This year’s theme, Alone and Together, aims to explore the individual and the collective, with creative workshops, inspiring talks and discussions based on the ideas of C.G. Jung. Experienced creative and therapeutic professionals will guide and facilitate the individual and the group process on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Presentations, discussion, and lively conversation. No experience necessary.